Mr Wolfs
Existing for over 14 years, Mr Wolf’s has become a vanguard in Bristol’s famously celebrated music scene.
Mr Wolf’s is a family run business right in the heart of Bristol, best known for bringing live music, DJ’s and a banging late night party, 7 nights a week. Having also been known to play host to a fantastic array of unique performances, from burlesque and live graffiti to stand-up comedians and more, there’s always something to keep our audiences entertained.

Mr Wolf’s is a massive supporter of local artists, musicians and DJs, holding weekly open mic nights and constantly on the lookout for new, exciting acts that fit in with our up-beat party vibe.

We are open late, every night of the week, so whether you’re out to play on a school night or searching for a place to let your hair down at the weekend, you will always find the party here. We can’t wait to see you soon!